Declutter your surroundings, declutter your life

The title of this post is something that I didn’t get. For a really long time.

Growing up, I had probably the most disgusting bedroom on the planet, despite my parents’ best efforts to make me clean it. That continued in college, getting less and less dramatic as years went on.

Freshman year, I had too much stuff for one dorm room. Sophomore year, more of the same. When I moved in to my first apartment junior year, it improved, but I was still a certifiable slob.

It wasn’t until I had my first place on my own that I realized how important it was for my space to be clean and junk-free. And not only because it’s, you know, kind of a social standard, but more even because I realized how much it effected my mood.

At work, everything has its place. Coworkers joke with me, moving my notorious orange stapler and tape dispenser just to tick me off (it’s kind of funny, but I’ll never admit that to their faces). At home, that’s the case too.

So when I had a piles of (unfolded) laundry stacking up, dishes in the sink and dog hair littering the carpets the past few weeks (I’m a busy lady, don’t judge me!), I found myself coming home and wanting to do nothing but watch Netflix and take ridiculously long naps.

Today’s mission: Get your sh!t together, Ellen.
Mission accomplished.

So here I am. Motivated once again to write, feeling less anxious than I have lately, enjoying a glass of wine and Norah Jones.

Here are some of my favorite ways to declutter:

1. Grab a trash bag and go crazy. Get rid of everything you don’t use or need. Clear the old magazines off of the coffee table; get the food you’re never going to eat out of the pantry and get rid of small things like makeup you no longer use. Feel better already?

2. Take everything out of your cabinets — just to put it back in.

Seriously. Especially if you have a larger kitchen, it’s easy for things to get hidden away or forgotten. By taking everything out, you can find a home for everything once again and take a mental inventory.

3. Use baskets. For everything.

Organize the tupperware. Sort out drawers. Have kids? Sort the toys.

Plus, there are some other ways to declutter your surroundings you may not think of:

  • Delete all of your text messages sitting around in your inbox. I promise you don’t need them.
  • Clear out old emails and unsubscribe from the eblasts you hate and never look at anyway.
  • Take the time to send notes out to stop mail you’d no longer like to receive. Especially when it’ll end up in your trash.



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