Using Pinterest to boost traffic

Content marketing: You spend hours on Facebook, and just about the same amount of time on Twitter. And you’re still not seeing the results you want.

pinterest-793051_640Adding one more social network may seem like it’ll just add to the workload, but if you’re going to add one, let it be Pinterest.

Pinterest is known for it’s Mommy Blogs, travel ideas, recipes and more, but it’s known to content marketers as one of the number one ways to boost traffic to your website and foster community engagement.

What makes a good pin?

Detailed and optimized descriptions. Pins with accurate descriptions will get noticed more during searches.

Optimized images. Check out these tips from HelloSociety:

  •  Vertically oriented images are ALWAYS preferred.
  • The perfect pin size? Aim for 730 x 1200 pixels.
  • Keep the image size under 2MB.
  • Brighter images with natural light are ideal.

Accurate links. Don’t send a user to a general website page – send them to the content they’re looking for exactly.

Use ads. Pinterest’s promoted pins feature was launched earlier this year, and is proof that putting a few dollars a week in to your marketing campaign can drastically increase results. Read more about Promoted Pins here.

Do you have any tips to add for getting more traffic from Pinterest? Comment below!


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