The recipe for a perfect fall outing

The leaves have started to fall and time has turned back, but there’s still plenty of time left to enjoy what many consider to be the greatest season Mother Nature has to offer. After all, winter doesn’t technically start until December 22.

Hoodlebug Trail, Indiana, Pa.

Hoodlebug Trail, Indiana, Pa.

Here’s my recipe for a perfect fall outing:

  1. A cozy sweater – Sweaters ARE the best part of fall, are they not?
  2. A good book – Right now I’m reading “The Almost Moon,” by Alice Sebold
  3. A few good friends – And by friends, I definitely mean dogs.
  4. A clear mind – Because it’s great to escape, sometimes.
  5. A sense of adventure.

Mix these few things and you’ll have what I’ve spent a majority of my free time doing this season – hiking, taking in the autumn air and reminding myself that it’s OK to disconnect every once and a while.

This writing prompt provided by The Sits Girls.



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