Talk about music invoking memories.

I pulled out an old computer in hopes of finding some old photos Wednesday, but instead started cruising through my old music library. I came across my ultimate chill music — that I 247149_10153731959694311_4119937917716358931_nhad totally forgotten about.

I saw Athletics, an ambient, post-rock band from Asbury Park, N.J., while I was in college in a dingy house in the worst part of Binghamton. It was one of the coolest shows I ever went to.

I remember everything I felt that day: From the ups of the show, being totally in my element; to the end, where I said goodbye for one of the last times to my former life and the people in it.

Today, though, this band brings me the best kind of chill: The kind where I am completely stress-free, yet powering through a mountain of work.

This review pretty much sums it up:

From the opening notes of the title track, you realize “Why Aren’t I Home?” is gonna be one of those records that brings you to your knees, swallows you whole and leaves you in awe. It’s one of those surprises that defies all expectations and leaves you shaken. It’s one of those albums that reminds you why it is you listen to music in the first place.


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