Little House on the Hill

In the summer of 2013, I got lucky.

That past December, I had graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, landed a great job and, for the most part, was becoming a functioning member of society. The problem? I lived in an awful apartment. IMG_20151128_094042-01

While out for a walk that summer, I ran in to a former colleague. Long story short, her in-laws owned a cute little house that was going to be available to rent.

I fell in love.

Here are some funny reasons why I love my Little House on the Hill:

  1. It’s in the most old-fashioned neighborhood. Neighbors do good deeds for you, like rake your leaves and shovel your sidewalk and say hello to your dogs. Occasionally, they even bring you their community-famous pies and chili.
  2. In the winter, I can look out my living room window and see the clock tower on Philadelphia Street. It’s magical.
  3. It has charm. From the tiny front porch, to the skeleton-key locks to the giant windows.
  4. It was made for Christmas decorations. A front window to stick the tree in, perfect corners to hang lights from outside, and just enough space to deck the halls.
  5. It’s home. I moved, and moved and moved for years while I was in school, from dorm rooms to sketchy apartments to summer houses. I’ve finally stayed put, and I don’t have intentions of leaving for quite a while.

Happy holidays, from the Little House on the Hill.



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