Friendly Neighbors

As a writer for a newspaper, you don’t always get to write about the greatest things.

Luckily, I’m not the one my editors turn to when there’s a crisis. Instead, I’m one of the resident “fluff” piece writers – and I’m OK with that.

Recently I put together a story that really helped restore my faith in humanity, and in the members of my community.

“Until you hold a hand out and help someone up, you haven’t really lived.”

At least that’s how Shauna McMillan, of Johnstown, sees it.

McMillan started a Facebook page for helping others in need in 2012. It’s called Friendly Neighbors, and serves as a forum for donors and those in need to correspond.

“Friendly Neighbors grew like wildfire since its inception in February 2012,” McMillan said.

When the page started, the group collected donations and facilitated the delivery of them all. McMillan said donations were delivered seven days a week for families in need, helping more than 1,800 families during its lifespan. More than 1,580 members are now a part of the Facebook group.

Read the full story on The Indiana Gazette Online.


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