Indiegogo campaigns I love

New technology is fascinating. So many people are coming up with awesome, innovative products.

Here’s what I’d currently fund:


details_emberwhiteControl your lights from anywhere using WiFi or Bluetooth. Emberlight screws into any lamp, and then you screw a bulb in to it. Then you can control that light from anywhere.

This is great for when you’re on vacation, when you’re coming home in the dark and a million other reasons.

See it here.


UsBidi is a a smart charger for Android and Apple devices, featuring an auto “unplug.”  As we all know, devices really shouldn’t be plugged in for more than the time it takes to get a full charge – that can ruin the battery. This solves that problem.

Oh, and it comes in pretty colors.

See it here.





I can NEVER remember padlock combinations. I’ve even failed to remember the ones for dummies, that have letters instead of numbers.

Noke is a wireless padlock that will unlock when a connected device is within a few inches of it.

See it here.


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