Social media pet peeves: A list

Patience: That’s one of the traits I told students at Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s PRSSA meeting on Tuesday that social media managers need to have. As a social media manager, you’re going to see an abundance of complaints and sometimes an abundance of stupidity – and you can’t let it get to you.

But, there are a few things that erk me. Here they are:

Over-quoting tweets

Brands, news outlets and other accounts spend a lot of time crafting messages. While some tweets open themselves to commentary, it’s more helpful to a brand for you to just retweet it in the form it was meant to be in.

Automated thank-you tweets

Bot-generated tweets like “My best retweets this week came from … ” are incredibly aggravating. If you’re actually glad somebody shared your content, thank them as a human being.

When brands post links to retail items that DON’T actually go to the item

Now, I’m not actually in the market for an engagement ring (#foreveralone), but A GIRL CAN DREAM. Case and point, this engagement ring is my actual dream … but if you click on the link it’s nowhere to be found on the Brilliant Earth website.


Post Hijackers

As part of my reporter duties, I spend a lot of time asking different groups around the community to weigh in on particular topics that I’m writing about. Sometimes, you’re just trying to write a nice, happy story, and people end up hijacking your post and turning it in to a complaint-fest.


I asked Twitter what their own peeves were:


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