How saving money saved my stress levels

Money sucks.

There’s really no better way to say it. Money is necessary to live, yet can be hard to manage. Money can make you happy one day, and make you sob the next.

People say money can’t buy happiness — and I believe it — but a little bit of money can really help ease your troubles.

And THAT is why it’s important to save. Not a lot. Just a little back up to help you get by.

I went though a phase where I was terrified of getting a flat tire. After getting one and having to fork out $400 I didn’t have, right out of college, I felt like that flat tire was actually the end of the world.

I realized later that I wasn’t afraid of getting a flat tire. I was afraid of getting a flat tire – or having any kind of car trouble – and not having anything left to my name after I fixed it.

So I realized I needed to save some money. I started an online savings account with Ally bank, and saved in small increments. I didn’t let myself have a choice – I had them automatically deducted from my paycheck.

The first couple of months went by and I thought that I couldn’t live without that cash. I transferred it back into my checking account almost every pay period. After a little mental training, I stopped transferring it, and started saving without even realizing it.

What happened then, was that just by having this small backup, I felt a little more secure and a little less stressed. When the day came to pay bills, I wasn’t weeping. When car trouble came up, I didn’t fret to pay for it.

Now, I know this is pretty simple financial stuff. But believe it or not, I know people that do not save a cent. Most of the time I get the “I make too little to save anything” excuse, but I’m telling you – if I can do it as a journalist, you can do it too. Put $20 into your account every paycheck. In a year you’ll have $520. That’s a pretty good buffer if you get a flat.


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