Local gem: IUP’s Co-op Recreation Park

“It’s a Wonderful Hike” is back, and today I’m featuring a local gem – the IUP Co-op Park.


As a resident of Indiana, Pa., I’m surrounded by some pretty great trails basically in the backyard. That’s great for those weeks when a road trip just isn’t doable.

Many people don’t take advantage of a park that’s right in town: Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s Co-op Park.

IMG_20160411_163339.jpg Murphy on an adventure at the IUP Co-op Park.

The park boasts 270 acres of woodlands, with more than 10 miles of hiking trails. The trails are as easy or as difficult as you make them. An easy loop around the mountain top (where the parking area is) makes for a great afternoon stroll, whereas the 5K route through the Co-op Farm is a little more challenging, with some pretty grueling hills on the way back up.

For those that don’t hike, there’s a disc golf course challenging enough that a friend of mine from out of state came to visit once JUST…

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