How I stay organized in my digitally overloaded world

About a month ago, I was describing my job duties to a group of people. It wasn’t until I said them out loud that I realized that I really pack a lot into a day.

“How do you stay organized?,” one person asked? Good question.

I’ve always been organized (at least when it comes to work — my mother would disagree with that statement in my teenage years). It didn’t hit me that my organizational process was noteworthy until I started really thinking about it.

And what’s my trick? Pen and paper.

Yep — in a world where I’m designing websites and managing social media for a host of businesses, managing email marketing, writing web content and more — paper prevails.

Here are my tools:

A plannerimg_20160907_183429

A big, bulky planner with pockets and a hefty notes section. This year, I’m using Kate
Spade’s “gold dots” agenda. Small planners are OK, but it’s easier to be able to write line by line what you need to accomplish on a full size one.

To-do lists

I have a strategy when it comes to making to-do lists. First, make your list as soon as you sit down at your desk in the morning. FIRST. I mean before you check your email.

THEN, check your email. Add to the list as necessary.

Of course, some digital tools help me out as well:

Google Drive

I’ve blogged about the importance of Drive in my life before, but it deserves a second shout img_20160908_082722out.

Using Drive, I not only organize my initiatives for clients and marketing, but I’m able to share those things as well. For example, I use a simple chart to keep track of what social media management clients I’m working with — including number of posts on what networks, contact information and more.

Social media managers – you can download a template of my Drive chart here.

Google Keep

While to-do lists rank No. 1, sometimes you just don’t have a pen and paper on you. That’s when Keep comes in handy. The cloud-based list app lets you take notes on your phone and then see them later from any of your other devices.

And lastly, a few other tips for staying organized:

  • Keep your email inbox uncluttered. The delete button is your friend.
  • Take breaks. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I go walk a few blocks and get some fresh air.
  • Remember to make time for other things in your life. Being a workaholic can only help you to an extent. Schedule time for a workout, to see your friends and to veg on the couch.



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