Freita Wedding: Spring 2015


All things chevron…again

By now you probably realize I have a slight obsession with the chevron pattern…in any form–clothes, home decor, you name it. Here’s a few of my new favorite things, some that I don’t necessarily own yet, but you can probably bet I will in the near future:


1. Chevron Melamine Tray. It’s got great colors and can be used for a million different things. Unfortunately, you have to be a member of the site (click the picture) to purchase. But hey, something like this has got to show up soon at Tj Maxx, right?

2. Feeling crafty? Visit this cute craft blog to see how to make your own chevron wall art. Which I think I’ll be doing very soon, now!

3. Much to my dismay, this item is sold out, but how great is this dress? A great style, bright summer colors, and the model even has some cool accessories, too.

4. One of my other favorite things in life? Weddings. So you know when I found this chevron aisle runner I was pretty excited. See photos from the couple’s wedding here (it’s adorable!), and scroll down to see the aisle runner.

5. For all of you nail-art lovers out there (I’m not one of them, I can’t bring myself to put so much effort in to something that lasts only a few days), check out this cool pin and get inspired to do your own nails.