‘Flower Power’ is a real thing

In the past year, I’ve realized how powerful fresh flowers can be. They’re not only beautiful, but can boost happiness as well.

A study published in this article found that “patients in hospital rooms brightened with flowers and potted plants needed less postoperative pain medication, had lower systolic blood pressure and pulse rates, were less anxious and tired, and generally were in a more positive psychological state than patients in rooms without plants.”

When I come home to find fresh flowers on my kitchen table, it’s an instant mood-booster (well that, and the welcoming dance from the dogs). And when flowers that haven’t quite bloomed yet are in full bloom after a work day — that’s the ultimate booster.


I started putting fresh flowers on my weekly or bi-weekly grocery lists because they have such a positive effect on my life.Bright colors — which are a must in the bouquets that I buy — are also proven to boost your mood.

Read about the health benefits of different colors here.


I don’t discriminate either … most of the time I’m buying the bouquets that are on sale at Aldi or on the cheapest rack at the local grocery store. Or, sometimes they’re a surprise even to me!


That’s just another step I’m taking towards a Happier 2017. Read about the other things I’m improving this year for a happier life here.


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