Being a tourist in your own community

Back in September of 2019 (which truly feels like a decade ago at this point), I wrote a blog post for fun on my own, personal blog called “Being a tourist in your own community.” It highlighted the importance of being aware of the businesses, experiences and more within our own small towns. Little did I know that, come March 2020, the concept of staying close to home and enjoying the things in the vicinity would become the norm. 

COVID-19 has taught us the importance of not only being aware of the businesses, experiences and assets around us, but also the importance of supporting them to ensure their longevity in our communities. 

I live in Bellefonte — in the I-80 Frontier landscape of the PA Wilds. Over the course of the past many months, I’ve gotten to experience this town in new ways, and in some cases, with the eyes of a tourist. 

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