The biggest adventure yet: Owning a home

How is it possible that I haven’t blogged since FEBRUARY? I had such high hopes for Life Disconnected this year … I was really going to focus on the blog as my creative outlet and write more.

But a new, fairly unexpected creative outlet came along.

At some point, in the middle of looking for a new apartment to move into, Sean and I ended up buying a house. It just didn’t make any sense to rent anymore, and we found a small home in a neighborhood that we love for a great price.

Literally minutes after we got the keys the projects began, and a few months later, here we are.

The good news is that I’ve documented every part of our journey as new homeowners thus far, and have one more topic to write about for Life Disconnected.

You can expect to read things like:

  • What the home buying process was like for us first-timers
  • Our renovation projects (because everyone loves a good before and after)
  • What’s going on in our garden
  • DIY decor tutorials

I hope that you like this new facet of Life Disconnected, because this home is now a huge part of our lives!

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