Broome County’s hidden gem: Hawkins Pond

While I’m now a western Pennsylvania resident, I’m originally from a small town near the Pennsylvania/New York border called Susquehanna. Just miles from “Susky,” as we call it, is a park that doesn’t see nearly as many visitors as it should.

Hawkins Pond Nature Area, just north of the border in Windsor, N.Y., is a secluded park surrounding a small pond that has great hiking trails — short, but great for an afternoon stroll in the woods to reconnect with nature.

According to the park’s website, there are 4 miles total of trails within the park, however the trails do extend onto private land past the state lands.

Since it’s just a few miles away from my parents’ house, it’s a great place to get the dogs some off-leash exercise while we’re visiting.


Find the park:


The park also has a pavilion that can be rented out for private events. A cute addition, children (I’m assuming from a local club), have built birdhouses and painted them that hang throughout the park.

In the winter, it’s an awesome place to cross-country ski. When I was a kid, my dad and I would ski along the shoreline on snow days off.

For those traveling from Binghamton, it’s only about 30 minutes away.

Murphy likes to take a dip in the pond whenever he gets a chance –



And an oldie, but goodie:

Hawkins Pond, NY, is Broome County's hidden hiking gem.

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