Roadtripping with dogs: The essentials

Traveling with dogs can be both a wonderful adventure and a pain in the butt at the same time.

My two dogs, a black lab/setter mix and a chihuahua mix, travel with me a lot, and it isn’t always easy. Here are some products that I’ve found made trips in the car a little easier.

A seat cover

I use this this totally waterproof hammock. It completely covers the backseat as well as the side doors, perfect for catching dog hair and keeping it under control while traveling.

Get one here.

A barrier

If keeping your pup in the backseat isn’t your thing (and trust me, in some cases it just doesn’t work), and you have a suitable vehicle, a barrier will help keep him safe.

Some barriers come custom-made to fit specific vehicles, while others are adjustable. I use this one in my Subaru Crosstrek.

A collapsible water bowl

These water bowls are great because you can fold them up and stick them in the backseat door storage permanently. I always have an emergency bottle of water or two in the trunk as well.

Get a bowl here.

A safety kit

Emergencies happen. This Pet Safety Kit contains essential items like a waterproof ID card, thermal foil emergency blanket, tweezers, sting pads and more.

This kit is also great for camping and hiking. Extra toys and treats

Not a necessity, but it’s especially nice on longer trips to have extra toys on hand. Sometimes it’s worth venturing off your route a little bit to stop at a dog park and make sure your pup gets some much needed exercise and stretch time.

In my car, I always have a bag of treats as well as a tennis ball or two.

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