Favorite Blog Friday

Each week, I highlight my favorite blogs or social media accounts that I’ve enjoyed posts from during the week prior.

I’ve been majorly needing some inspiration this week, in almost every aspect, most notably to get writing and to spend some time outdoors.

These three accounts have provided me much-needed inspiration during a drag of a week:


1. We’re Hikers (Instagram)

These hiking features convinced me to get outdoors this week even though I didn’t really want to. I’m glad I did.


2. World Inside My Pocket (Instagram)

The photos on this account are absolutely incredible! Natasha, the author, has been an inspiration this week, reminding me to keep pushing to travel to the places I want to see (and to take beautiful photos!)


3. World of Wanderlust

More beautiful photos from Brooke, who in her profile says she’s “living life out of a suitcase.”



What were your favorite blogs this week? Make sure to check out the corresponding blogs for the accounts above!


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