Favorite Blog Friday: Pittsburgh Edition

This week for Favorite Blog Friday I’m sharing some of my favorite blogs that are pretty close to home!

I recently joined a networking group for Pittsburgh bloggers online, and although I’m a ways outside of Pittsburgh I’m happy that they accepted me — because I’m reading some great stuff from the city!

1. In Pursuit of Simple

Fellow Indiana University of Pennsylvania journalism alumna Jess Brown shares great posts on her travels, her recent book launch, and most recently, her pregnancy!

Oh, and she has the cutest corgi I’ve ever seen on the internet.

See her blog here.



2. Wear Wag Repeat

OK, I love this blog for obvious reasons. I was introduced to the author, Tori, via the Pittsburgh Bloggers Group. She recently wrote about two of my favorite topics: Dogs and hiking.

See her blog here. 


3. Pittstop Blog

I recently shared another hiking post by Pittstop, highlighting Pittsburgh’s best hiking trails. Pittstop focuses on food, fashion and more around the Pittsburgh area.

Read it here.


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  1. I love this mention! Thank you so much! I am bias, but he is seriously so adorable…

    Get ready to bookmark a new page… I’m retiring In Pursuit of Simple and launching Caffeine + Creativity! <3

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